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For this portfolio I had two ideas for it. One was to do a whole portfolio with people that had tattoos. I was not sure if I would have been able to get enough people with tattoos and also I was not sure if it would be interesting seeing ten people with tattoos would be so interesting. I need big tattoo pieces and that were interesting. I decided not to do it because I did not think that in the amount of time that I had I was have been able to execute it  the way I wanted to. 
My second idea I wanted to do something that was close to my heart  because I am a plus size women I wanted to and that was plus size photography. I wanted to find models that would have been comfortable in there own skin that were plus size to come in and do a shoot with me. I wanted to show these women and men that they were beautiful no matter what people would say. I spent a week trying to organize getting all ten people that I would have needed to execute this properly and also I had to think of poses that would have flattered these people with there curves. I did three trial shoots but they where not turning out to my satisfaction. Also I did not know it would have been a challenge to photograph heavier people. 
Because I was struggling and I did not have enough time to waist I decided to go back to the drawing board and think of something else that I could do that I would enjoy. One of my favorite photographers is Richard Avedon. I love that his photographs are in lack and white, the emotion that you receive when you look at these photographs. The details that he pays attention to when he takes the photograph. Basically I just really enjoy the work he produces. I knew that my photographs would not be as amazing as his since he has many many years of experience  but I what I did was I got inspired to do something my own from looking at his work. 
I also did black and white photography because I love the effect that it has. i wanted to try and get some plus size models because that as one of my ideas i wanted t do from the beginning, and I wanted to photograph people with an object or with just the strong personality to show the viewers what that person is all about. 
I think that I executed what I wanted to accomplish very well and I am please with the feed back I have gotten so far.


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When I first started this portfolio I was going with a totally different theme. I really wanted to do Food photography,  but as I quickly found out it was not as easy to do great food photography. I took me awhile to choose another theme to accomplished with great photographs. While I was going threw old photographs that I have taken over the years. It did not take me long to realize the one thing I would do with out realizing is that I always took close up pictures of whatever I am photographing at the time. I like seeing the details of my subject, I like to see things that you usually do not see up close.

This is the reason why I did my portfolio of things up close. I wanted people to see what you normally do not see every day and what things look like up close. Also when you photograph things up close it can look abstract and totally different from the actual subject.
I love that about Macro photography, It's fun to play around with and see what you come up with.